Home Organization and Decluttering

With the help of a professional organizer you can restore order to your home or office so that clutter is not getting in the way of being productive and enjoying a calm space. We will guide you through the process of releasing what you don't need, use or love. Then we help you to create functional storage solutions and systems that allow you to use your space more efficiently. Our services are available in-person or virtually.

Life-changing benefits

  • Feel more energized
  • Have more space for living
  • Improve your mindset and health
  • Increase your concentration and creativity
Make life easier with organizing support.
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Downsizing and Move Management

Moving can be stressful

For some people moving to a smaller home can be very exciting because it will free up time and resources to be able to travel or make other lifestyle changes. However, the move itself can still feel a bit daunting or more work than you are able to do yourself - especially if you have a tight timeline.

Other people might feel overwhelmed by such a major transition. This is particularly true if the move has been triggered by an unexpected event such as an injury or illness or the loss of a loved one.

Make moving easier

Our services include:

  • streamlining and organizing belongings prior to the move
  • arranging for recycling, disposal, donations and gifts
  • packing items to be moved
  • coordinating logistics related to the move
  • unpacking and setting things up in your new location

Save time and money

Decluttering before you pack can save you time and money on moving day as you will only move what you really need and want to keep - and that will fit well in your new space.

Need help with your next move?
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Estate Clearing and Executor Support

Clearing a loved one’s home can be overwhelming. These tasks can be particularly challenging in situations where family members are not in the same geographic area. Your Organizing Partner can be your feet on the ground and give you the local support you need.

Our experience includes working with people who have a terminal illness and want to start organizing and clearing their belongings as part of their end-of-life planning process. People often find that this process provides some comfort and peace of mind knowing they have lessened the burden for their loved ones after they pass by communicating their wishes and making the process easier.

How we can help:

  • Prepare an inventory of possessions
  • Declutter or fully empty the home by sorting, purging and packing household items
  • Organize items of value (such as photos and family heirlooms)
  • Facilitate distribution of items to family and friends
  • Arrange for appraisers, charitable donations, consignment or estate sales
  • Find/refer/oversee service and trades people
  • Act as the local point of contact if family is out of town or unavailable
Get the support you need during a difficult time.
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