Downsizing / Packing for Move

I just want to say how happy I was with Lynne from Your Organizing Partner!  I moved from a large house to a 2 bed 2 bath townhouse and it was a struggle.  I had to downsize drastically and was busy doing that while Lynne took care of packing the stuff I really wanted to take.  So many helpful hints and suggestions I never would have thought of!  Careful packing that I'm not really good at!  Great labelling made the unpacking so easy!  Thanks, Lynne!

  • Janet Reid
  • Maple Ridge, B.C.

Spare Room

To anyone considering using Your Organizing Partner,

I had been retired for a year and I had been determined to reclaim an extremely cluttered bedroom as my top priority in my post retirement to do list. I made several attempts but would get overwhelmed and leave without having made any progress. The room contained Christmas ornaments, all my professional working materials, photos, wrapping paper, old luggage and a desk that was no longer in use. It was a mess! I was a professional consultant and I knew I needed help, so I reached to Your Organizing Partner to help me. I am so happy I did!

Lynne started the assignment by visiting my home to discuss my expectations, assess the amount of work and most importantly to learn how I envisioned using the room once we had finished. She followed this up with a written proposed approach, timeline, and cost estimate. An important note... the room was decluttered and organized on time and at the quoted price.

Each working session Lynne guided me through the items I wanted to keep, dispose of, and the ones I needed to “think about”. I admit it was a sometimes an emotional process because many of the items I wanted to let go of related to my deceased husband. Lynne was very caring in helping me release these items and when she saw I was struggling she would use her calming personality and delightful humour to refocus me.

As a result, my disorganized room is now orderly and designed to be used as home office/sewing room. The items are now stored so that I quickly locate, and easily return, them to their spot. I love this room now! Using Lynne’s decluttering techniques, I went on to declutter my laundry room and bathroom by myself!

Lynne not only helped me reclaim living space but gently helped me release a lot of emotions I had tied to many of the items in that room. She also taught me her decluttering and organizing techniques that I can apply in the future. I cannot thank you enough, Lynne!

  • Sandra Price
  • Retired Homeowner
  • New Westminster, B.C.

Estate Clearing

As executor of the estate I was dealing with so much paperwork to sort out her affairs. I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with clearing out her condominium. Lynne was an incredible help - she took care of the sorting and packing process from start to finish. Regular check-ins both virtually and on-site ensured that special items were being set aside and the family's wishes regarding donation or disposal were honoured. Lynne was very easy to work with and a huge support during a difficult time.

What Lynne achieved in one week would have taken me months to get through! Once the suite was empty it was possible to move forward with listing it for sale. I could not have reached this goal so quickly without Lynne's calm and compassionate and support.

  • Louise
  • Victoria, B.C.